Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wow, you women are crazy!!!

Hello Everyone,

This afternoon we had our baby shower for our little baby girl that is soon to be coming. Linnea is now 26 weeks for those of you wondering and soon, oh so soon we will be welcoming our little girl. And let me tell you our little daughter is already, as they say in Kzoo, hooked up! We recieved so much stuff today. It truley is amazing how much God has blessed us. So many great people have purchased items for us. In fact we spent so much time working on the baby room today that a nap was much needed. And let me tell you, big papa johnson didn't have any problems falling asleep after he had to be with 30 some odd women today. Plus carring all the gifts up three flights of stairs... yeah, can we say tired. In fact I fell asleep learning that "B" is for bear.

Have a great day

-the johnsons

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Please stop kicking me!

Hi Everyone,
Well another busy week has come and left Linnea and I. Seems as though the days just fly by one right after another. The other night I had a great experience with my daughter for the first time. I decided that I needed to place my ear on linnea's belly to listen and hear what our daughter was doing inside. Wouldn't you know as soon as I had place my ear on Linnea's belly I was getting kicked in the head. Our little daughters kicks have become very powerfull, especially over the last couple weeks. In fact you can now see them just watching linnea's belly. Well thats it all for now. I believe Eli has just informed me that he wants to go snowshoeing out in the woods. Can't really argue with him on that. It's a beautiful sunny day here in kalamazoo!!

Enjoy your weekend.

- the johnsons

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Visibility.... ZERO

Goodmorning to all,

Hopefully this posting finds you relaxing on a Sunday afternoon and staying warm inside your homes. As for Eli and myself, we have been out helping the grounds crew boys at our apartment complex clear the sidewalks of snow. One would have to say that the two of us are crazy considering the temperature is 5 and with the wind chill it's about 25-30 degrees below. Despite the bone chilling temperatures and a visibility of about zero, there was a job to be done. And who better then the johnson boys/animals. After all, I have to honestly say that both of us salivate at the site of cold weather and large snowflakes. Enjoy your day.
-Eli and Kevin

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bibs.. Cribs... but please no more!

Hello all,

Linnea and I headed out for a Saturday morning drive today. Destination, about 1/2 hour out of kzoo to a co-workers house to pick up some more baby clothing. Seems lately like we are working for the salvation army. Thats ok with us, if it's free the johnson family is all over it. I am not a 100% positive but I would say we now have enough clothes for about the first year, maybe more. As Linnea worked like a busy beaver though the pile of clothes, she found a cute shirt that said " I love Daddy". Mean while I assembled the cribs and had to run to lowes for hardware. All in all, is has been a very successfull morning and I believe that we are now ready for a good old fashion saturday nap.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ben Glenn... THE CHALK GUY

Hello everyone,

Linnea and I had the amazing opportunity to join the senior high youth group on a weekend retreat at Spring Hill Camp just last month. The camp is located just outside of Evart, Michigan about two hours north of Grand Rapids. I personally must say it was an amazing weekend, despite the bone chilling weather. Factoring in the wind chill I believe the students were playing broom ball in 25 below weather. In addition we were able to watch Ben Glenn a very ADD and gifted chalk artist. Above is one of Ben Glenn's picture in action. It was amazing how quickly this man worked, also how effective his talks and his activities were, both for the students as well as the adults. It was clear that Linnea and I had equally as much fun, if not more than the kids.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Coming up on the 6th month mark.

We have been so blessed with numerous people giving us everything from clothes to monitors to cribs to swings, etc.. We are starting to collect alot of stuff in our new baby room. On top of that Linnea's belly continues to grow alot. It's so cool to feel the baby kick. I do have but one concern, that our baby girl might never know where her father even went to college. With Linnea's strong emotions towards Michigan I am afraid there will be now room for WMU. I guess I just have to sit back and smile fulling knowing that a bronco could flatten a wolverine like a pancake. Thats all for now

Choose your own adventure

A choose your own adventure had the five of us working up a sweat after a freshly 4-6 inches of snow had fallen at CPBC over Christmas. The back forty never looked so beautiful as the trees branches hung down with heavy snow like little fingers over the trail that we so proudly made in the afternoon sun. I guess that is a true testament to yoopers, out enjoying some good old fashion snow shoeing. As for Julie and Miss Snow, deep down they want to become yoopers!

Santa and his Elf ?? or Father and Son??

For Christmas Linnea and I decided to travel towards the North pole (escanaba) in search of Mr. and Mrs Clause. What we found was that father and son are starting to look a little on the scruffy side. Both need a clean shave and a fresh start for 2008. You know at one time my father and I were the same height! Doesn't appear to be that way any longer.

Part Dog or Part Wolf ?

For those of you still wondering how our small black fluffy dog Eli is doing? As you can see, he's doing well. This summer Eli will be coming up on five years old. His present from mom and dad, a hair cut with a small treat.. It's still hasn't been decided though whether or not our small and friendly K9 is actually dog or wolf. With the insane love Eli has for the snow and the rabbits, one can never be sure!
Hi to all from Eli Johnson

Our Neighbors, Jack and Verl Hudson

Well for those of you that don't know, the day we found out we were expecting our little daughter was also the day that we purchased 10 acres of wooded land near Jack and Verl Hudson. It will be so great to have the Hudson's and the Carlson's as our neighbors. Also just to live in Iron River someday!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

OK we are finally starting our blog for all to see! ...We are having some struggles getting pictures up so bear with us! :)