Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a perfect august evening in the UP

we had a lot of company this last weekend...kevin's parents, sister marsha and her husband mark, grandma carol and her friend karen, and my parents! we took advantage of the nice night and our nice friends the snows to take a pontoon boat ride on hagerman lake.

surprise mommy!

i was visiting with my friend sarah snow the other day and i thought laurel was sleeping...she had been quiet for sometime...but then made some noises and i walked in to find this lovely display...

a naked baby with poop smeared all over her crib, her blankets, her yoys...yet mysteriously absent from her flushable liner that goes on top of the cloth diaper. kevin's daughter took off her diaper and then pooped. thank goodness sarah was there! i yelled for her to come...and bring the camera :) she then took laurel into the tub while i dealt with the rest of the mess. how come this doesnt happen when kevin's home??? anyway, i thought that the best way to punish laurel for that little stunt was to memorialize the event with a blog entry :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5th of july at little lake

here are just a few pictures of laurel with her cousins lena, yanik and svea at little lake, the 5th of july tradition! thank you all for taking such good care of laurel while you were here!!!!!!!

summer, cont.

one nyberg 4th of july tradition is to go see anders play in the escanaba city band. this year not only did we get to enjoy great music but we also had some other entertainment in the crowd...laurel was being so silly! she was walking up and down the row we were sitting in pulling cob webs down when she realized that there were people sitting in front of us...and she could touch them! she started poking this guy. he politely ignored her for awhile, but it became so funny he gave in a laughed like the rest of us. you can see him in a picture above. laurel stood there and talked to him for quite awhile. she them moved on to entertain the crowd behind us by laughing and pointing at a guy wearing some kind of hat. he must have been making faces at her because she was laughing so hard (and so loudly!). i can see it now...in just a year or so she will be one of those kids dancing in front of the stage!

this post is for kaylan :)

i'm just going to start by pleading our case...we have serious computer/internet issues! that is why we are so terrible about updating lately, but since i missed cousin kaylan's birthday this is a special update just for her :)
here are some pictures from our summer. this is at grandpa carl's house. the boys and laurel are modeling some Vietnamese hats that Lena picked out for them. if you look closely at the picture of paul and laurel on the hammock you can see laurel is trying to catch a bubble.