Friday, December 16, 2011

Sledding action

Little sledding action while enjoying a day at home with dad!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

8:55 day two with Kevin gone

Here's Laurel's new hair do

 and the bird...

oh boy.

first day that daddy's gone...

Kevin and most of the CPBC staff are off to a conference in North Carolina...and mere moments after they pulled away our day of craziness began.  We went to the library to see Santa and as soon as we walked in the doors the librarians started saying, "Linnea! There's Linnea!"  I have an over due fee that I owe and my guilty conscience made me think that's what they wanted me for...but it turns out that Laurel won a drawing sponsored by the Iron County Community Concepts.  She got a cute handmade elf doll names Twinkle and she also won the honor of flipping the switch to turn the lights on the city Christmas tree.  Laurel, the Stroms and I competed in this "Twinkle" contest without really even knowing the the prize was...all we knew was that all the kids would get a free book so this was really a surprise. 

But.  Not the most suprising part of the day.  Nope.  That was when Laurel called out from the bathroom where she was supposed to be going potty that her hair was "not too long anymore, [she] cut it all off!"  I ran to the bathroom to see a pile of hair neatly placed on the edge of the counter.  And Laurel, with a total mullet.  My initial reaction was to get my camera.  There things happen to all kids, right?  I had to catch the moment for all to see :)  My next thought was about this big deal Christmas tree lighting that was going to be in the paper!  Thankfully it was snowing and cold and definitely required Laurel wearing a hat!  At first Laurel was very proud of her work...but I think after I took some pictures and made some phone calls she got pretty embarrassed.  So embarrassed that she didnt even want to go to town for the parade and the party at Yooperland Realty where we'd see all our friends.  I had to pick her up and carry her into the car. 
My relief came when I heard our friend Jenna would be at the party and would bring her shears to fix Laurel's hair.  Jenna is a trained stylist so I knew if anyone could help it would be Jenna.  Now Laurel has a pretty cute little pixy cut!  THANK YOU JENNA.  She did say it was the hardest cut she's ever done.  Crazy, sporadic cut done by a 3 year old, a wiggly standing 3 year old in a realty shop with 30 adults watching her every clip... she deserves an award! :)

So enjoy the pictures from our crazy day and Kevin better come home soon... :)

I dont have a picture of her new do yet cause she was so done with everything last night...but I will put one up soon.  AND 8:55 AM day two with Kevin gone and an enormous bird..we are talking a roughed grouse or a hawk or something just flew into the window in our living room.  It's still fluttering in the snow!!!  I'm going to have to keep Eli inside until I can find a man to get rid of it for me!!!!  COme home,  Kevin!

Monday, October 31, 2011

A well due Update

 We tried to teach our child about utensils, but as you can see, we failed.
 A day at the Wallace Zoo.  We saw everything there with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncle, what a blast.
Hello Everyone,
         It's been awhile since our last blog update. Life has been incredibly  busy for our family.  We've picked up our belongings, moved out to covenant point this past August. I've taken a new job as the director of Maintenance for Camp. Linnea is back at school for her second year.  Laurel, she is crazy and loving life. She is getting so big, in fact she goes to Tot Lot, a school program held every Friday at the elementary school. She had a blast this past summer getting to interact with all the staff, swimming, playing and just being outside. She is so much fun right now, a touch sassy sometimes but so much fun. 
That's all for now. We'll try to be a little better at updates now that we've gotten into a better rhythm of life.

Blessings,   Johnsons

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.....

Songs, songs, songs. A typical day at the Johnson house is singing sounds, and the director, Laurel, of course requests that we sing them as loud as possible. There isn't many quiet moments within the walls of the Johnson house. Some relaxation comes after 8 at night when the snore of a 2.5 year old girl trumps the volume on the television. But there are many memories of fun and here is just another one to add to the archives. Cooking with mom and dad.

 More dough is eaten that cooked with Dad in the house.

Kevin, Linnea and Laurel

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

We are off to a New Year and new adventures.  Chirstmas for the us was wonderful due to all family members attending. Linnea and I hopped between families during the holidays because our parents are only 20 miles apart. It's a delicate process giving equal amount of time but in the end it's worth it.  Laurel, or all of us I should say were showered with gifts and great food. It's no wonder my pants are a bit tight when I finally get back to work, to many chocolate treats.
 Who is going to clean up that christmas mess?
                      Laurel's new blanket from Grandma Nyberg
                                More gifts, and a Micro phone so she can sing none stop.

Kevin, Linnea and Laurel