Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh Fred Bear, walk with me down these trails again...

A success full hunt was granted to the Johnson boys opening morning. A cool fall morning with a touch of snow left our ears on overtime as each grunch in the woods put us on alert. But in the end a kill, with irony and trickory.  Not a huge rack, but a large buck and meat for my family.  I'd like to thank Fred Bear as his spirit was upon us as we slowly but carfully snuck up on this buck with his girlfriend and also the Johnson game ranch for their hospitality and providing me with the opportunity to take this small trophy. The buck weight was 150lbs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Welcome Annika Keefer

Here is a picture welcoming Baby Annika into the Keefer family. Mother is doing well after a delivery via C section. She is expected to leave the hospital in a couple days. Annika I believe was a little over 7lbs and 20 inches long with a touch of hair on her head. Congratulations Keefer family...you'll never sleep again.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enjoying Life.....

Hello Again Everyone,
      The johnson family has been oh so busy lately. Will Halloween done and behind us, two birthday celebrations I think we are going to be taking a breather... until something else comes on down the line.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed

How fun are the fall leaves?
  Below is the birthday boy. A quick trip over to Duluth left us eating well and also allowed two crazy monkeys (above) to play in the leaves with their grandpa.
Happy Birthday Hank
 Caps for Sale! A monkey! Man who just got off his bike.                Priceless
 A couple fun halloween pictures. This year our church hosted Trunker Treats. A parking lot filled with cars, energetic people made for a great trick or treat begining as hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of candy were handed out from the trunks of cars to the children of Iron River.
                Above is Marc Ralston, a long time legend in the town for being crazy at Halloween.
Above was another birthday party in honor of our very own Lisa Hjelm. A chipotle styled dinner, beverage exploration and some sweet desert left our bellies full and our faces tired from so much laughter. Happy Birthday Lisa.