Thursday, November 20, 2008

nothing new really...just some cute pictures

Laurel and I are preparing to head to Minnesota this weekend! It will be Laurel's first time meeting many of her relatives! I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures from that adventure next week...but for right now, here are a few random pictures that we've taken in the last week.
enjoy :)

Laurel chomping on celery...I really wanted to get a picture of the initial look on her face - it was a mix of confusion and disgust, but by the time i got back with the camera she must have decided that she liked it :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

more progress!

we spent another weekend, with the help of jim and lorna (kevin's parents) working on the new house...the kitchen is coming right along! i'm so excited to have a kitchen to call my own :)
we met our new nextdoor neighbor, a young, single high school teacher...with the small number of people our age in iron river it's very providential to have one next door!
oooh, our pet eagle just flew by! this is totally random, but for as long as we've been here we've seen this eagle flying down by the lake. this last weekend someone dumped some deer parts in the woods off of west park dr...the tasty snack drew our eagle, another bald eagle and a golden eagle to our little corner of the forest! they were right on the edge of the road so as we drove by jim took some great pictures. we'll try to get them up soon.
well, i digress...
here are some new house pictures...and now that all the really dirty work is done laurel and i have been joining the renovation fun!
and just so you know, we are covered in snow and this morning it was 10 degrees outside...we are so glad to be back in the UP! :p
i really hated the way the front of our house looked, so i thought i would spruce it up a little with a festive star :)

this is a view into the kitchen. you can see there is still alot of work to do in the living area :) one thing at a time!

here's the kitchen up close...and a picture of our hard working crew :)

hi auntie kay! good thing mom tried this dress on, it would have never fit me if i waited until 9 months! :)

here's laurel watching the progress in the kitchen. let me tell you though, she is already showing signs of being spoiled! if i stepped away to work for more than a few minutes she wailed!
always needing attention...sound like anyone else we know? :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

laurel's first "dress-up"

october 31 was not only halloween here in iron river, but it was also the first playoff game for the wicked wykons! and it was at i decided to make laurel's halloween costume do double duty...she was a wykon cub. for those of you not familiar with the made-up "mythological" creature it is a lion with three paws. it was made up to represent the school when they combined iron river, stambaugh and bates townships.
this link has the whole story for anyone interested :)
i made laurel into a little wykon cub. sadly we never got a good picture when she's awake, but here's a picture of her asleep at last night's game...which, i might add, they won!
you'll have to imagine that the sleeves are sewn into paws with claws and there's a nice long tail with a tuft of fur at the end. :)
laurel and i, along with our friend megan moberly, went to gladstone last weekend and to trick or treat to g and g johnson, g and g nyberg and great grandpa nyberg she wore the pumpkin outfit again :)

west iron county class of 2026
go wykons!