Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Grandpa Nyberg,

Hope you had a fun and Happy Birthday

Love the Johnson's

Friday, January 23, 2009

Little bit of work goes along ways.

This is the kitchen that we started with. I don't know why we starting ripping things apart

Because it was just nothing but a dusty mess.

An more of a mess.

And of course we needed to take out a window and then add another window, to make yet another mess.

A little bit of new electrical work and some insulation.

Fresh paint with some cabinets

New counter tops with some floor and there you have it. A new kitchen with a lot of TLC. Add let me just go on the record and say I did it for my wife. Why you ask... because a happy wife is a happy life. isn't that what they say.

Well, here is a final picture of the kitchen. But before we show you it, lets just to a little recap.

Hello Every one,

It has been some time since we last posted. Life here in the north has really been throwing us some curve balls that have been eating up our time. On the flip side little Laurel is doing well. Its safe to say that our child is food driven. As soon as she sees that we are making her some food or preparing a bottle she just goes wild. You would think that she hasn't eaten in days by her reaction. Don't worry we feed her alot. The little toy that is in Laurel's hand, we stuff with apples and bananas and she just sits their and sucks all the juice out of them. What a great time killer.
Well thats all for now. We will post more later.
Have a great week.

Weather up here has been cold. Temperatures in the negative 10-30 degree mark early in the mornings. Lots of snow and spring isn't coming soon enough.