Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Holidays

A look at our child bed head after a morning nap. This style hair is similar to my sister's daily style, sorry sister:)

Another glance at our crazy Laurel, Like her father she loves going outside. Below: a look of a snuggled up child waiting for a fresh diaper after a bath.

Hello Everyone,

Just a couple more days and the New Year will be upon us. Looking back much has happened for the Johnson family We have almost been in our new hour for a year, much rework and a lot of demolition. Many stories, many laughs and not much sadness to remember which is a plus. This past week we spent some time over at linnea's grandmothers original house. Grandmother has recently repurchased the house in Mora, MN so we had a destination Christmas with the Nyberg's. This weekend we are in Cornell at my parents house also doing some visiting. With the snow on the ground and plenty to snowshoe with it isn't a green Christmas at all. Perhaps we will do some hiking with Laurel and have a hobo dinner or two outside. Not much else to report on. Our little daughter made out well for herself this Christmas, if another grandchild come on my side she could see the amount of presents reduce drastically. Everyone, have a safe and happy new year and may much fun and joy come your way with 2010.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Pictures

Laurel has discovered the sweet cold sensation that is described with eating snow. Now if we could only move some of those feelings over to poddy training we would have ourselves on heck of a Christmas present.
Hey dad, how is that baby staying warm with nothing and I have to be bundled up like Randy from famous Christmas Story movie?

Baby? Laurel says as she continues to eat about 3 lbs of snow. It's like the gallons of juice that she sucks down aren't cutting it lately.

Holtz Hausen

This fall I took the opportunity to learn about wood stacking. A friend on mine had given me some literature on stacking wood in a way that would allow it to season in as little as three months. The task... to stack your wood in a circle which intern would help to create a chimney effect. The time... to much. The end result a sweet looking pile of wood, the holtz Hausen. Now I must give a little bit more detail about this pile. If you look at the pile, to your left while looking at the picture you notice the pile is stacked in a nice vertical manor. However on the right you will notice the that side is not so nice. Seems to be a little top heavy you say? It is... just minutes after snapping this shot, part of the pile blew out. A stupid idea this pile design you ask? I to ask the same question as I watched my wood fall to the snow. My initail thought, how to make it better for next year! :)

Three Months later

Ca mo day in the house! Laurel and I were practicing some covert operations in preparations for late night sneak outs and CPBC. She is learning, if we could only control the loud screams progress would be had.
A little bit of Chalk board time in Laurel's room keeps her busy for about 1 minute. With a child who has an attention span of nothing and wants to eat everything, the simple tasks are the hardest ones in our family.

Hello Everyone,
The Johnson family is still alive and well. The dashboard on our blog indicates that our last update was September 28Th, not that long ago eh? Life has been wonderful for us. With the Christmas upon us and a New Year just around the corner our lives have been go go go lately.
This fall I took on a new position at the High School/Jr. High school at West Iron. The position is titled At Risk. In a nut shell I deal with behavioral students and tutor. Never would I have thought that while giving my Social Studies hell in 7Th grade that I would be the one helping these students later on in life. I love every minute of it and the work in my opinion is rewarding. As for Linnea she says fairly busy with subbing in the elementary building and high school. Morning sleep is often disturbed, not with a phone call that says school is canceled due to snow but instead you need to sub. Our jobs keep us busy as well as our child.
Laurel is almost 19 months old. With sharp little beaver teeth in her mouth you don't want to mess with this child, she is her father's daughter. Chewing through the sheets,running, screaming for more popcorn, constantly on the go climbing, touching everything in sight and in general pushing mom and dad's patients it is a endless circus at our house, some of you can relate.
The winter weather has taken effect in the home town, last week bone chilling temps and now today, Sunday, bright sunny skies with 32 degrees. You just never know what to expect.
Well that is enough update, everyone just wants to see pictures.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Love the Jonson's'