Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes, Men need to be MEN

Well hello every one,

Spring is well under way down here in lower Michigan. And a lot of exciting news has been coming our way from several different people. Ryan and Nikki are expecting their first child in November, Congrats. Jack and Verl Hudson, no, they aren't expecting another child but are on their way out to New York for the next several months as Jack takes the position of the pastor at a church in need. And of course, I should talk about Linnea and I. We are coming upon our due date rather quickly. I have the baby bags ready to go to the hospital, one for mom and one for my daughter. The camera is ready. I have read and studied the manual to the car seat. I do have to add to that part though. Who ever in the crap makes the manual for a car seat really needs to implement some more pictures, that was way to much reading. I read more information about that car seat then I read in my entire college career.... :) And after much work around the house. Eli told is papa that he needed to take a nap and I agreed. A quick dog treat for the both of us (don't give me that look, like you haven't tried a dog treat before, or eat them often...) and we were down for the count.

That is all for now. Soon I will be putting pictures of my daughter online. Have a great week.

-the johnsons

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Did you feel her???????

Well hello everyone,

Looks as though old man winter has possibly left south Michigan, although if a snow storm came tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised. We had some guests stop by the Johnson house the other night. Allison Knapp and her fiance' Jim to whom she will be wed to in June. The two of them are such a fun couple to be around. And like many that are around us lately, they all want to touch Linnea's belly to see if they can feel our daughter moving inside. And of course give our daughter just a couple seconds and she will let you know that she is there. The count down has begun. Our tour of the hospital is complete. I know where I have to get my wife, although it would be much better if it was a drive thru to drop off, the I could go search for a good parking spot and come in.. Ok.. ok just kidding around. This weekend we have the famous lamaze classe that we will be taking together. I have no idea what to expect for that, I am sure it will be very interesting to be around women that have baby brain. Hopefully some men my age will be there. Well that is all for now. Hope all of you are out enjoying the weather, unless you are the unfortunate ones and live in Minnesota. My heart goes out to dose kind of people who live up dere in da Nort country.

- the johnson

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Arts and Crafts

Well hello everyone,

It's amazing the Michigan weather, two weeks ago we received a huge snow storm and now the sun is out, the trees are starting to blossom and the temperature is a bright and sunny 60 degrees. Not much to report though, Eli and I went for our morning walk this morning. He was able to run after a couple deer and we also stopped and watched Mr. Beaver busy working on his home, Eli says hi to all. As for Linnea and I, we have been staying busy with our work. Linnea is now 32 cm as of last Wednesday and our little girl seems to be forming well and she will be here before we even know it. Linnea continues to tell me that our daughter has her fathers inability to sit still, she is always moving a foot, or a little hand. It is so cool to be able to watch Linnea's belly and see our child moving around inside. And the fact that our little girl can hear us talking to her. Above are a couple pictures of some home made items that my older, loving, and wisest sister created for her new niece.

Hope you all have a great weekend and an upcoming week.

-the johnsons