Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't make me eat that again, PLEASE

OK, it's the Johnson family again.
All of you parents out there reading this know that children just don't like to eat their food sometimes. As for Laurel it seems to be all the time. But then just as if a light switch had been switched she is eating the food. Guess you just never know what gets into children. So I thought it would be fun for all of you to see just first hand some of the faces that we have to deal with while we attempt to nourish our child. With a little bit of comentary on the side.

Dad: Good morning Laurel, how did you sleep? Laurel: Morning dad, I really slept hard.
Dad: Well Lets start the morning off with some cheerios... Laurel: Oh dad you're the best I love cheerios.Dad: Finish those up and I will make some oatmeal. Laurel: What???Laurel: But dad, I am so sick of oatmeal, I eat it all the time.

Dad: Alright sweety you win, just eat some cheerios and then we will have something else, but do not tell your mother.
Laurel: Thanks dad
Hope everyone has a great week.

One extreme to the next

Hello Everyone,

About a month ago the youth group at Grace Cov. decided to play the famous broomball out at Covenant Point durning the half time show for the Super Bowl. We figured we mid-aswell take out team spirit to the court. Anyways, A long story short, it was a very cold night out at camp. Around 25 below but we did have a lot of fun. However after 20 minutes of playing this is what Paul Nyberg and I looked like. And if that wasn't enough our eye lashes were starting to really stick as well. However, today just around a month later it's t-shirt weather. around 61 degrees.

Oh the life of a yooper.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

E is for Elephant and F is for Flower

Hello again,
Two postings in two days wow. Well I thought it would be fun for everyone to see what Laurel likes to do while she is on the floor. Something that her mother smiles at and something that her father just shakes his head at. She likes to look at books. I mean what ever happend to pulling things off the shelves or pulling hair off of Eli's body? That was always a good time. Oh well, what is a father to do but read to her. So her are just a couple fun pictures. Isn't she so cute. It's amazing how much of a sap I have turned into. My little girl is the best, but trust me I still have a mean side out there somewhere. Laurel will see it when she brings home her first boyfriend if it's before the age of 20 :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rubber duckie you're the one.......

Laurel taking a bath with papa the other night, she absolutely loves the water

Laurel taking a small peak over the edge to see where I am at with the camera and loving playing peak a booo.

Hello Every body,

The time change has taken place and it's wonderful to have some light until 7 and not dark at 4:30. It's amazing what the small things will do such as time change and how much better you feel when the sun is out at the temperatures are about 35 here in the U.P. The other day I again had the privilege of working out at Duff's farm on beautiful sunny day. Small breeze in my face, long sleeve shirt, cordless drive and a thousand screws to put through some tin. Seriously people, after a hellish winter what more could a man ask for, perhaps a cold beverage of some choice but that's for another day.
Alright enough about me lets talk Laurel. Our little girl slept last night 11 hours. Wow! 9 months of getting up at least 3 times a night. Now on Laurel's behalf I think she has had 5 nights where she has slept all the way through. So, when she sleeps like that let me just say that Linnea and I feel like new people, and we are up at 6 a.m. not knowing what to do cause we usually have some pillow time with Laurel. But I would much rather have her sleep through the night. Laurel is getting much faster at crawling on the floor. Lately she has been copying some of the actions that we do such as waving, pointing her finger and with me she laughs a little when I do. Really at a fun stage right now. I almost wish she could just stay like this.
Well that is all for now hope all is well with everyone, and don't worry, summer short and sandals will be coming out soon.