Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the money pit...and kevin's time pit

our little house is coming along!
after another great johnson work weekend we got most of the painting finished and all of the cupboards installed! the house is beginning to feel more and more like ours...and this will be the first place that we move into together that will be ours. previously i moved into kevin's apartment and we moved into the Hudson''s going to feel great to have a place of our own.
for those of you who might be up here over christmas camp i'm thinking we'll have a little open house :) we'll keep you posted!
for right now here are the lastest pictures!
thanks again jim, lorna and rachel for slaving away for us last weekend :)
the kitchen, of course. i love it!

one living room wall. kevin and his sister rachel are working on it

oh, here they are smiling for the camera :)

another kitchen view

a view of the house from the kitchen

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

thanksgiving weekend highlights

how do i look in grandpa johnson's hunting hat?

fun times with papa

eating pears with grandma nyberg...yum!

on her way to one...

today is laurel's six month birthday!
these last 184 days have been incredible. now, i admit, i barely remember the first few...maybe because i was still coming off the drugs :) we are so enjoying watching laurel grow and change and become more and more like a little girl and less like a baby :)
laurel is celebrating her 1/2 birthday with a runny nose and lots of naps :)
but even the runny nose was exciting for me because i realized that it is the first time laurel has ever felt sick!
enjoy these pictures of our big girl :)

Laurel enjoying the snow

thanksgiving with Auntie Rachel

this is Laurel "walking" from my cousin Danielle to Auntie Anna in Minnesota

and the first picture with Great Grandma Grace, or GG :)