Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new pictures and quick update

our own fancy nancy :)

big girl!

everyone loves the "oh face"

i know the excuse of no internet is lame, but that's all i have!
right now i am using the laptop on top of a laundry basket so it's right up next to the window so that i can scam just enough wireless power from the mcdonald's across the street!

now, the signal is let's hope i can get this done without being kicked off!
we are enjoying spring break. last weekend we were home (gladstone/cornell) for easter and this coming weekend we are going to make a quick trip to duluth to see anna, jeff, grant and henrik. laurel and grant are such good friends! i'm excited to see them together since they are both talking so much! it will be so cute to hear them chatting :)
kevin is still enjoying his job as the at-risk coordinator at the high school and i have been busy subbing. i like being home with laurel, but i will say that subbing is easier than a whole day with laurel! she is very stir crazy after a long winter and loves to be outside. i think we are going to check out a little tricycle for her one of these days.

enjoy spring!
the johnsons :)