Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain fallen, puddles remain

Hello Everyone,
           Several inches of rain have fallen again in Iron River. My prediction is that our winter is going to be very white with much snow.  Life is great for the Johnson family. Linnea and I have three weeks of school tucked under our belts. As for myself I love my position. This year however, many students have asked why I do this job. My new response, I am a disabled Marine with a prostetic leg, and the position is only volunteer. HAHAHA. No disrespect for those who have served and lost a body part.  But the response from the students is classic. They really believe me and always want me to lift up my pant let. As for our daughter, Laurel has adjusted well to playing with her friends at day care.  At this point I personally think she prefers day care. It must be more enjoyable than hanging with mom and dad at home. It's hard to believe that sooner than later our daughter will attend school. Laurel is getting big as you can tell by the pictures. Last weekend we did the worst to her, we had taken away the pacies.  Next on the list is to get her going on the toilet so we can save a buck on diapers. At times I wonder how many total diapers we have used. But do we as parents really want to know that number?
A beautiful fall morning. Laurel and I had a cleaning lesson. We talked about washing and waxing. Different techniques when washing and waxing and finally appropriate products needed to complete the task. She loves to clean... and that makes dad happy. After fresh wax on the truck she took it upon herself to clean her trike.
 Below a classic me a book.  Lately we have had to sing Laurel the ABC's. It helps calm her, after all we did take away all her pacies.
Thats all for the johnsons we are going to try and keep good updates for the winter season. Take care all of you blog stalkers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just a quick update

Grandma Johnson and Laurel playing the in washer box...the best toy in the house!!!

Mom and Laurel
We are sooo bad about updating....and right now i just have two minutes...because we are off to do a work project with the youth group kids at Covenant Point!  And it's a perfect sunny afternoon to be outside working!

Kevin is working at the High School/Middle School and still loving it...He definitely gets too much happiness out of busting kids with chew!  And I am working the the elementary school working with the Title One program...helping students who need extra support in math and reading.  I'm just happy to be in the schools full time.  Laurel is growing each day...and talking nonstop.  That might be one thing she gets from her mom... :)  She really loves daycare and it makes it much better for me to drop her off there knowing that she loves playing with her friends.  Iron River is beautiful right anyone thinking about a road trip...this is the place to go!  :) 

Happy Birthday Grandpa Nyberg!!!!