Monday, June 30, 2008

It will be pretty sweet to look at this view everynight.

We have arrived in the U.P.

Here we have Grandma and Linnea filling up a closetItalic Sister Rachel preparing some breakfast for the family

Laurel just swinging around while everyone else unpacks, Isn't she cute
Well this is our new house for the next couple months

Well Hello everyone,

I am sure many of you are wondering why have I been so slow at updating the blog. But I have been busy. Anyways, Linnea and I are all moved in at our new house for the next couple months. The move when well, and fast for the most part. We are staying and the Hudson's house. I start my new job tomorrow. We are really enjoying being back up in the U.P.

So here are a couple pictures. We will post more soon.

Have a great week everyone.

and faf

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pack your bags baby.

Sweety, you have to keep your eye on the tv like papa.

If I could just put my head a little further forward I would have this thing Dad, I think you are to old to be suckling, while you sleep? Aunt Marsha comes over for one last visit.

Happy Sunday everyone,

Not much new to report around the Johnson house. Although our living quarters have been significantly altered. Some of you know and many of you don't know. Linnea and I are going to be moving back to the U.P. This coming Friday to be specific. I have been fortunate enough to land one full time job and a second part time. All the while we will be living at Jack and Verl Hudson's house during the time that they will spend in New York. So our lives are a little and alot crazy at the moment. But enough said, here are a couple more pictures of our sweet little girl. Laurel is doing great. We are working on her schedule. We have the night time sleeping down but that is about all. Everything else is pretty much out the window. One of the joys of being parents i guess.
Have a great week everyone.
-the johnsons

Saturday, June 21, 2008

alive, awake and alert

Hello everyone,
here are a couple pictures of Laurel. Looking cute I must say.
of course she falls asleep right after she eats, but eating makes me tired also

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy two week Birthday Girly Girl.

Hello everyone,

It's amazing that we have had our daughter for two weeks. And at the same time we probably have 20 years to go. She'll be worth it. Laurel received a Birthday present today. It was given to us compliments of Matt and Lisa Smith, co-workers at Schupan. The gift, a new pacifier. Doesn't our little girl look so cute? She looks just like her father. Proud of you Laurel.

Enjoy your the rest of the week Everyone.
-the johnsons

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Morning

Hello Everyone,

It's a beautiful Sunday morning down her in the zoo. Linnea, Laurel, Eli and I all went for a walk and tried out our stroller that we had purchased some months back. Works beautifully. Not much to update on. Linnea is feeling really good. Laurel is growing alot and I think she has already gone through 100 diapers. Eli is adjusting well. He really seems to like his little sister. Where ever she is he always like to be also. And as for myself. I am just staying busy with work and helping out around the house as much as I can. And on occasion I get to snuggle with my daughter for a couple minutes in the evening. Hope you all enjoy your day of rest.

Have a great week at work!

-the johnsons

Friday, June 13, 2008

Laurel, we'd like you to meet the family.

Grandma and Grandpa Nyberg
Grandpa Johnson Grandma Johnson

Great Grandma Johnson

Hello everyone,

It's really hard to believe that our daughter is almost two weeks old. And so far, she has meet alot of the family and much more to come. G.P. and Betty came downstate for a couple days to visit with Laurel. After they shipped out on Wednesday, Jim and Lorna came down to see Laurel on Thursday. Didn't leave us with much of a break. On top of that Laurel was able to meet her Great Grandma Johnson for the first time on Friday. We even managed to sneak a picture which spanned four generations. Well enough talk, here are some pictures.

Have a great week.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Laurel, what does a power walk equal? Thats right girly girl. A long power nap with papa :)

Hello Everyone,

Well smiles at our house from all, Laurel included. We have figured out the feeding process and our daughter is like a new happy baby. This afternoon I took Laurel and Eli out for about a half hour walking around. After all that fresh air we took a power nap and these were the results. When we awoke from our little bit of hibernation. Miss Kim from Linnea's work at Apple Tree was her to see visit.
-the johnsons

Tight in her robe after her second bath!

" I love my little sister", says Eli

Hello Everyone,

Well it has and hasn't been a long week. Delivering a small child on Tuesday, coming home on Thursday, not getting much sleep Thursday and Friday night. Trying to figure out as parents what in the heck we are doing. But slowly we are figuring it out and our daughter is worth every minute of our efforts and patients. As for Eli he already loves his little sister. He lays by her as much as he can. Off to the doctors this morning to make sure she is doing well and then maybe we will go for a walk this afternoon and test out some of our equipment.

Here are some pics, Have a great Saturday.

- the Johnson's

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This.... is American Idol

Hello everyone,

An exciting day for laurel, She took a huge nap on papa's chest this afternoon. Both of us woke up with some messy hair. We quickly fixed her hair and made her pretty because Simon Cowell stopped by to check out our little girls talent. Ok so it's not Simon its Danny from church
but he could pass for Simon. Also a picture of our friends Darren and Dana stopping by to check out the newest addition to the family.

Hope you all had a great day. Thankyou all so much for the comments and the prayers they are much appreciated. You are all the best.

-the johnsons

More Pictures

Hello everyone,
Well we just got out of the hospital and Laurel is home and happy, as is her father. We have had a couple long days. But she is worth it. Here are some more pictures.
Have a great week

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People of Narnia I give to you Princess Laurel!!

Ok everyone, here she is. Born June 3rd at 2:30 via "C" section which was interesting and very last minute. 9lbs. 4 oz. 22 inches long and a massive head of hair. Hope you enjoy her as much as we have.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nothing Yet

Hello Everyone,
Yes I know the big question.... Has she come yet? No is the answer. We went in this morning which is Sunday for the doctors to try an induce. We spent almost the entire day, eating hospital food, and watching tv and still nothing. Our baby is in place but just still not the right time. She will come... and it will be at just the right time and it will all be perfect. My nerves have actually calmed down today, I was really excited but not sure what to say to her when and if she came out and seen her parents for the first time. I guess now I might be able to quote an Alabama country song " God must have spent a little more time on you". Don't bother correcting me if I am wrong, I don't care.
We will keep you updated with the blog and phone calls when she finally comes. Until then just hang tight with patients. That's what we are having to do. Have a great week and thankyou for your continual prays and comments. We love to hear from all of you :)
- the johnsons