Friday, June 5, 2009


catch up time

we have been very bad about updating this blog and so much has happened so I'm going to do a major update session with many pictures :)

In the last month we have gone to Duluth, Hudson, WI/MInneapolis area, Kalamazoo, had a 1st birthday party and played with lots of friends and family! The pictures on the bottom are from our trips to MN (and Hudson). Thank you to Anna and Jeff and Kaylan and Jeb for hosting us!!! Oh- and there are way cuter pictures from those trips but I guess Kevin deleted them from our SD card...I'll work on putting them up when we get home(we're still in Kzoo).

The first pictures are from Laurel's 1st birthday party!! She was so lucky to have all of her grandparents there as well as great grandpa Carl, great uncle Anders and aunt Rachel too! AND Teri and Wayne Sherwood! Thank you to everyone for sharing her birthday with us!