Monday, October 31, 2011

A well due Update

 We tried to teach our child about utensils, but as you can see, we failed.
 A day at the Wallace Zoo.  We saw everything there with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunts and Uncle, what a blast.
Hello Everyone,
         It's been awhile since our last blog update. Life has been incredibly  busy for our family.  We've picked up our belongings, moved out to covenant point this past August. I've taken a new job as the director of Maintenance for Camp. Linnea is back at school for her second year.  Laurel, she is crazy and loving life. She is getting so big, in fact she goes to Tot Lot, a school program held every Friday at the elementary school. She had a blast this past summer getting to interact with all the staff, swimming, playing and just being outside. She is so much fun right now, a touch sassy sometimes but so much fun. 
That's all for now. We'll try to be a little better at updates now that we've gotten into a better rhythm of life.

Blessings,   Johnsons