Monday, July 28, 2008

Motor Boat Motor Boat go so fast Motor boat, please step off the gas... I'm just a little baby

Hello Everyone,

We hope this update finds you well on your way and ready to start another work week Laurel had her first boat ride the other night. We ended up going out with several couples from around the lake. We had our cheese, crakers, and wine and it was a great time had by all. We actually left our daughter on the boat and went and seen The Dark Knight. It was ok we had a small little lifejacket for our precious daughter. Not much to report on though. Work is going well, the weather here has just been amazing. And our little girl is growing so fast, lately she is really trying to find her thumb, but on a more serious note, she has had some hurrican forced winds come from down below followed up by a huge smile. Linnea just looks at me and says, " Obviously shes' your daughter." I have to say ladies/Linnea I take some personaly offense to comments like those. It as if you are saying men fart more then women. And I would take the effort to argue that. But hey, considering that my audience for this blog is 90% women, I will just leave it at that. Hope all you ladies are doing great our there.

Well thats all for know everyone, we will keep updating

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still more pictures

Great afternoon, so I decided we should go splash in the water a little bit. Grandpa Johnson feeding our little monster at the wedding

More Pictures

Laurel seems to really like sleeping on the King size bed rather than the pack n play right now. Isn't such a cutie!

Our first trip to Chicago

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has taken me a little longer between posts. There is alot of stuff to keep you busy up here in the U.P. Well Laurel had her first trip down to Chicago this weekend to a wedding. Another couple decided to tie the knot. Our good friends Joshua and Rachel. Here are a couple pictures of the weekend.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enjoying some vacation,

Laurel taking a small bath in her Great Grandmothers kitchen sink
Here she is wearing a small bib that says Daddy loves me.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all had a happy safe and fun forth of July. Linnea, Laurel and I headed to Gladstone for the weekend. Relatives from Africa were around and they all needed to see the latest addition to the family. Here are a couple pictures of our little girl. She is starting to do some more facial expressions and verbal communication. It's fun to see that our daughter is growing. I can't wait till she can walk and we can take rides on the motorcycle or she can go swimming in the lake. Well that is all for now. We will try to get some family pictures up on the blog for you all to see. Well enjoy your weekend and be safe. Leave us some messages, we love to hear from all of you.

- the johnsons