Thursday, February 2, 2012

She dresses herself

Hello again,
          Well, our daughter picks out the craziest clothes known to a three year old. Yet she manages to pull them off like a little princess. Laurel gives us so many smiles each day, partly due to the 5 different dresses she will wear.  Every couple hours a new outfit is being pulled out and put on.   Makes for a lot of wash.  Life is good for us. We continue to love being here in the north. Camp is busy and a lot of changes have taken place, Linnea is working hard with the students at Stambaugh Elementary school.   As for laurel , aside from the dressing up she is wonderful.  She currently is in a super fun stage, funny, witty, tries to tell jokes. I am excited for this little girl, I think she will be very well rounded.   Enough for now, take care for those of you who still check out this site.
the johnsons