Monday, October 18, 2010

Carving our first pumpkin

Good Monday Morning everyone,
              This weekend we had the opportunity to carve our very first pumpkin with Laurel. She absolutely loved it. She didn't however like getting her hands dirty with pumpkin seeds, that's where her father stepped it. A quick 20 minute project provided lots of fun for Laurel. Later in the night we lite the candle and snapped some pictures. Even the computer background is of a pumpkin just so she can see it.  Also this weekend we went to Phil and Pearl Carlson's house with the youth group kids and made some home made apple cider by manually pressing with a contraption that Phil has. This is now the third year that Linnea and I have participated in this with the youth and it is aways a hit with our kids. But for the students who hit the apple cider to much, not good for them the next day.



 Laurel shouted, Triangles as dad cut out the eyes.
Why our daughter doesn't have shoes on, I don't know!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A praying child....Priceless

Good Morning Everyone,
           Not alot to report from the Johnson family. Though it seems our weeks our packed with continual events by the time Friday has come I've completely forgotten what took place on Monday.  The weather  in Iron River is getting colder. The leaves are just about all gone and morning frost is becoming regular. Living  here is such a wonderful time. The changing of the seasons, color, smells in the air. These last couple weeks the aroma of tried, dead, burning mulched leaves has hung in the air. Yes for some of you that makes you wrinkle your nose but it's a great sign that winter is just around the corner and I am so excited to see how much fun Laurel will have out in the snow. Her little self lately has had such a large personality. Almost full and complete sentences. Heck, dad himself struggles with that.  Laurel is making so many faces, entertaining herself. She even gives us the daily report of what took place at day care and who spent time in the corner. Everyday I am some how amazed at my daughter, and even more amazed when she prays.
        Last night Linnea, Laurel and I went to Bill and Lynn Fishes house. Steak was on the menu with a side of salad and some grilled vegetables. But before we could eat we asked for the blessing. Holding hands we all closed our eyes to return thanks. As I closed one eye and opened the other to watch Laurel I was humbly surprised. She sat there holding Mom and Dad's hand perfectly still with eyes close like she was sleeping and prayed with us. While watching her I was in awe. My child is getting so big.

 Picture time with Dad, while she is still eating a carrot.
 This is a typical Laurel face saying. Dad, I see you, I hear you, but I just don't follow!
Don't focus on my tongue please,  Focus on Laurel :)

Loves to paint, and then tell you what she painted about 100 times.  


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello Everyone,
            This year  three of the Johnson girls headed to the covenant women's retreat held at CPBC. A gorgeous weekend with bright fall colors, great food and good weather made for much fun as the women gathered and enjoyed fellowship with one another.  Below are a couple pictures of the girls as they carefully navigate the high ropes coures and become stronger.   Great job ladies.
 Aunt Rachel really stretching herself physically and emotionally. Ray Ray isn't fond of heights.
 Look at the upper arm strength in Aunt Ray Ray :)
 Lisa going out on a limb for that hard to get camera shot.
 Linnea is enjoying herself as Laurel watches mom from below.
Mom trying hard and keeping her focus to achieve her goal: Reaching the zip line.
I am pretty sure tha is you mom... way to go!!!!