Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still Snowing and Blowing

Laurel's first haircut. Thanks Jenny you did a great job!!!

Hi Everyone

Well old man winter still hitting us pretty hard up here in the north woods. But I guess we have to keep our heads up, only a couple more months and we will see some grass. But I do have to say there is something about working out in the sub zero temperatures that places a smile on my face. Or perhaps its the ice that hangs from mustache freeze my smile in place after a couple hours of work.

So.... Linnea and I are staying very busy with both of our jobs. Just a little over a month from now linnea will be taking on a full time sub job till the end of the school year. Very excited about that. And for me. Well I am just out at Ski Brule giving ski and snowboard lessons. Nothing two special. Although I did bump into Eric Strom last week out with a group. Always good to see the strom family and a big thanks again Eric, you made my day. As for our house, I have put most of the house projects on hold till spring. We still need to paint the outside and some major yard work and perhaps a new garage. We are just in it and enjoying it as of lately.

Laurel is getting faster at crawling on the floor. She is now able to sit up by herself for long periods of time. And she is so interesting in everything and loves to wave her hand and tell eveything HI. I can't wait to take her outside in the spring so we can start going for family walks again up on the property and explore the world and she can play in the back yard or go swimming when the weather really gets nice with mom and dad of course. Oh the summer, why can't it just get here.

As for the city of Iron River, nothing to interesting. Lots of snowmobiles passing through and a cold cold weather. But if you get up this direction, please let us know.

Thats all everyone. Oh make sure you place some comments on Megans blog. She is down in ecuador and might need a smile.