Thursday, August 28, 2008

and while i'm at it...a few more pictures

i call these

"an ode to cloth diapers"


"i cant sing the 'Victors' yet, but i can wear the colors"

sorry, nothing funny...just pictures

so since our number one blogger is super busy i'm going to have to do...

but i'm just going to give the people what they want...

pictures :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi Purple Room Friends

Hi Purple Room!
I was talking to Miss Kim on Friday and we thought that it would be fun to send you a note on the computer!
Kevin, Laurel, Eli and I are all doing well. We couldnt put a new picture on the computer so I'll have to send you one in the mail. Laurel is so big now! Remember how tiny whe was when we came to Appletree? Now she is almost two feet tall! Miss Kristin and Miss Kim can show you how tall that is!
I wish I could bring snacks to celebrate my birthday with you all but we are too far away :(
I hope that you are all having fun and being so good for Miss Kristin and Miss Kim!!!!
I'll send you another letter with a new picture soon!
I miss you all,
Love, Miss Linnea